About the Band

The most unique big band on the planet.

The New Orleans Classic Big Band dreams big

Great musicians write their own music, focus on their own projects, and tour internationally. In other words, they're BUSY.

The New Orleans Classic Big Band dreams big: we hire the best musicians around, but instead of working against their schedules, this band books in support of musicians from New Orleans who are already on tour with their own bands. Then as they become superstars, we add new talent and provide a platform for their own touring schedules.

Forming from a collective of top New Orleans musicians, this big band forms and disappears like Atlantis: this band only exists when a quorum of great New Orleans talent is booked for concerts in the same place, at the same time; then, we celebrate some of the greatest performance, composition, and arranging talents in New Orleans today, and we perform from the Golden Age of big band music.

Think Armstrong, Ellington, Basie, Fitzgerald, Sinatra, performed by the hottest talent in New Orleans.

And remember: If you see this band around, look here for concerts by other great bands from New Orleans and beyond, because they are guaranteed to be near! You can send any questions to info@nocbb.com.

Concerts & Events

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